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Mortgage Website Templates That Compete With Industry Leaders

Mortgage Website Templates

Mortgage Website Templates

Mortgage Websites That Actually Do Something

Welcome to MTGweb where we offer affordable best in class mortgage broker websites and loan officer website templates. Our goal is to offer the best mortgage websites and mortgage landing pages that help a mortgage broker or small mortgage company compete with mortgage industry leaders. These industry leaders drive a lot of traffic to their websites. More importantly, their websites do a great job at getting those visitors to fill out a lead capture form. They do this with an incentive of showing rates, monthly payments and more. All the visitor has to do is click purchase or refinance and soon they will see how much the house they love will cost them. That is why we are pleased to offer our Rate Pro mortgage sites that show information just like they do. Of course, we realize some of our clients have reasons to not display rate information. Regardless, if you choose to go with one of our class leading Rate Pro sites or choose to have a site that doesn't show that information, all of our mortgage broker sites offer superior conversion for capturing visitor information! The Rate Pros just offer an extra incentive to interact with the site.

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Mortgage Pricing Add-On Widget for Existing Mortgage Websites

See how our brand new Mortgage Rate Widget can help  mortgage brokers, loan officers or a mortgage company add live mortgage pricing to their existing websites. With our mortgage rate widget, your website visitors will be able to see monthly payment amounts, rates and closing costs. Our rate engine updates rates throughout the day, so your site is always showing current pricing information. We have rates setup with some of the leading wholesale lenders. So if you have a good web presence and are looking to add technology to take your website to another level, you've came to the right place. See a live demo of our Mortgage Rate Widget now.

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mortgage broker websites

Rate Add-On Tool for Existing Website

mortgage website landing pages

Mortgage Landing Pages

Mortgage Landing Pages that Convert Visitors to Leads

Anyone in the mortgage industry that has taken a stab at a marketing and/or an advertising campaign for their mortgage business knows it's not easy. Well, I shouldn't say that, because it's real easy to setup a campaign and burn through a lot of money with little return. Of course, that's not what you want to do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mortgage companies looking for mortgage business and leads like you are. So it's going to take a well thought out plan to generate traffic and phone calls in a way that is cost effective. In order for the advertising campaign to be successful, every aspect of it has to be executed to near perfection.

Mortgage Landing Pages Encourage Customers To Take Action!

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Many mortgage advertising strategies involve the use of a landing page. This would be any campaign that has a potential client visiting a web URL. You might have a radio program that mentions your website address to visit or a Google Adwords Campaign that potential clients click that has them directed to your landing page. One aspect that is essential is for the landing page to correspond to the advertising campaign. Let me explain.

Common Mistake

A common mistake is for mortgage companies to run an advertising campaign and direct potential clients to their websites home page. Let me tell you, that is a great strategy if you want to burn through money with little return! This is because home pages are usually loaded with information. They also have a menu so visitors can navigate the site. This is not what you want. You want visitors to land on a page that corresponds to the ad, highlights benefits, has no menu so they stay on the page and has a call to action. For example, if you're advertising to generate VA Loan business, you want the landing page to only show VA loan information and benefits. You want the landing page to be short and sweet and have little navigation so visitors stay on point. Lastly, it should have a strong Call to Action.

Call To Action

The goal of a landing pages is to get a visitor to call or fill out a contact form. That is why a landing page must have a call to action that has an incentive for the visitor to take action. We have proven mortgage landing pages that we can customize to your specific campaign. Our mortgage landing pages that display mortgage rates, monthly payments and closing costs are the best for getting visitors to interact with the website. Because that's what the majority of mortgage website visitors are looking for. We also have landing pages that don't show rates and also convert well.

If you need a mortgage landing page don't hesitate to contact us today.

The three components of a successful mortgage advertising campaign:

Like Our Mortgage Websites, Our Customer Service is Different

Small family-owned business

We've had the same core people since the beginning in 2002. That means you will be working with the same people so that your time is spent productively, not constantly getting new staff members up to speed.

Customer Service Is Our Priority

When it comes to customer service, we all have the same philosophy here. That is to give people the service that we like to receive ourselves from businesses we do business with. You can call us, email us or fill out a contact form on our website. If you call us, we won’t tell you we can’t do anything for you until you fill out a support ticket.

No complex answering service

While most companies do everything to avoid talking to you on the phone, we encourage it. You can call us anytime during business hours and there is a high probability we will pick up. We don’t have a complex labyrinth of numbers to hit to get someone live on the phone.

We take care of you. How do we do this?

Well, we used to have an admin area where our clients could make minor text changes and add additional pages to the website etc. However, we ultimately did away with it and now have our designers take care of changes and updates. Here is an example of why we decided to do this. A client calls and says they want to add a page about reverse mortgages. In the past I would tell them “sure, just login to your admin area and you can add the page and text”. But in most instances the client would tell us “I don’t have time or the desire to learn how to add a page, can you just do it”? Of course, we wanted to take care of our clients, so we did it for them. Unfortunately our designers had to make the changes using the limited backend designed for mortgage professionals. Not to mention that after a mortgage broker played with their site for an hour, making the phone number red and huge to stand out etc., the site started to lose the polished look of being professionally designed. We eventually decided that our web design team should make changes and updates. After all, we are the web designers and that’s why you hired us.

We do not raise monthly costs to existing clients unless you add or upgrade services.

We try to take care of all your website needs and our goal is to not charge you extra for it. We are not one of those companies that nickels and dimes you to death for every little thing that is needed.

Here is another example of how our customer service is different. Lets say you want to cancel your service with us. We don't make it difficult. All you need to do is call and say that you no longer need our services. A typical response of ours would be “we will certainly miss having you as a customer, but let me check on a couple of things. Well, It looks like your site's monthly maintenance just went through yesterday for next month. I’ll get that credited for you”. We won't interrogate you on why you’re leaving or since you are, treat you less than a current customer. Also, we won’t make you jump through any hoops. Again, our customer service is geared to how we like to be treated. Our service has always been month to month. We want you to be a customer because of our service and you enjoy being a customer, not because of a long term agreement.

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