Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some frequently for you. if you have any other questins that you don't see the answer to, please call us at 630-552-0677

Go to our website products page and purchase the site you like. Shortly thereafter you will receive an e-mail with a link to a form. The form will ask questions that will help us create your site. We will also contact you within one business day to go over all the details needed to insure a smooth transition to your new site. Details include how e-mail will be handled, design tweaks, domain questions and other things related to the site.

Our Rate Pro websites and Rate add-on tool import rates from a handful of lenders throughout the day. Curently, those lenders are Rocket, UWM, Provident Funding and Franklin American. We ar looking to add several more in the next 60 days. We can setup one or a combination of those lenders to show rates on your website. Of course we will have the rates show with the comp that you are setup with. You can also show borrower paid options. If you have any querstions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us, we have many ways to handle this.

Usually within 2 business days.

Not much at all. We will do everything to get your site live on the web and keep it there. Within one business day of placing your order, we will be in contact with you. Then we will go over all the details needed to complete your site. We will not have you do anything that we can't walk you through. We will also contact you after the site has been created to go over everything with you.

Some companies charge more of a setup fee then we do, some charge less, some might even waive it. If a company is willing to waive it, they are probably over charging the monthly fee or don't do much for it. Our sites are semi-custom sites. When you order our product, we will call you to see if there is anything we can do to improve the design to match what you are looking for. We find unique images and change the color scheme to match your logo. Also, there are many things on our sites that have to be manually setup due to their complexity. Many of our competitor’s sites are pure cookie cutter and are available immediately after ordering them. That is because they are not customized at all. We interact with our customers in the setup process and our sites are more complex in setting up and in educating our clients on how to manage them. After your site is setup, a representative from our company will contact you and go over things and instruct you on how to manage the site.

Yes, we encourage you to buy your own domain so that it is in your name. If you would like, we will purchase your domain for you and transfer it to your name.

Yes, most changes we have our designers take care of for you, so the site always looks like it was designed by a professional. If there is an area of your site that needs constant edits, we will setup an area in the admin where you can change the text.


All of them that we are aware of.

When someone fills out a 1003 application online you can download the information right in to your loan origination software. (Calyx Point etc.)

We have been designing mortgage websites since 2002.

Yes, we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Most of them are so pleased that they openly ask for us to send any reference inquiry's to them.

No, you can stay a customer of ours for as long as you want. We want you to stay a customer of ours because you want too, not because you are stuck in a long term contract.

Yes and no, you own the domain name but not the website. We own the website. You cannot sell your site to another mortgage company. However, as long as your account is in good standing you can continue to use our service. We update, host, maintain and do almost everything to provide you a top notch mortgage website. Bottom line, if you want to have your domain point somewhere else you can. But we know you will continue to use our service.

Everything. For example: if your domain is we can create as many e-mail addresses to that domain as you need. (, info@mortgageflorida etc.). You can access your e-mail through a browser or through a mail client software such as Outlook etc.

No. We take care of everything to get your site up and running. If there is anything you don't understand, we will gladly walk you through the process.

Click here to find order information. The cost is a $50 one time set up fee and $19.95 a month maintenance fee.

Yes. You can choose from several options when it comes to listing your rates. Our Ratepro sites and Rate-add-on tool allow you to create unlimited rule sets to handle adjusters such as yield spread, closing costs etc. We have several methods of importing rates. Your best bet is to call us and we can over how the rate system works.

Yes,we will add as many links to your site as you would like. We do this free of charge.

Yes. We submit your site to most of the major search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.) We also offer you ways to improve the accessibility of your site.

Yes, you can setup a Google Analytics account and send us the embed code and we will add it to your site.


You pay with a credit or debit card.

You should be. Many of our current clients felt the same way until they gave us a call and spoke with us. We invite you to call us with any questions or concerns that you might have. We are sure once you speak with us you will feel comfortable doing business with us.

You can cancel service with us at any time by emailing us your request to cancel. Please send your email from an email address that corresponds with the website. For example: if you are cancelling the website, you should send us an email from The email should also come from the person who setup the account or a principle of the company. If we don’t recognize the email, we will contact an owner or principle to confirm the cancellation. If you don’t have access to an email address that corresponds with the website you are cancelling, please send us an email from a different address and confirm cancellation with a phone call. If you call us first to cancel, we will ask you at that time to send us an email confirming your request. Once we receive your request to cancel, we will send you a confirmation email back saying that we received your email and will take care of it for you. If you don’t receive an email from us confirming your cancellation, please call us as we might not have received your request to cancel service. If you cancel during normal business hours and within 24 hours of your next billing cycle you will not be billed for the next month. Our normal business hours are as follows:

9-5 EST Monday – Thursday
9-12 EST Friday
Closed Weekends and Holidays